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Descriptive Summary


Title:  Harold Delos Chope

Accession Number:  MSS 17

Linear feet occupied:  1.6

Extent:  4 boxes

Provenance:  Transferred from Lane Library, Feb. 1989




Biographical Note


Chope (Harold D.) 1904-1976


1929                Contracted coccidioidal granuloma while working in the
                        laboratory of Stanford Prof. of Public Health Ernest Dickson

1931                M.D. Stanford University School of Medicine

1933                Masters in Pubic Health, Harvard School of Public Health

1940                Ph.D. Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health

?                      St. Louis, epidemiologist during encephalitis epidemic

1948-70           Director, Dept. of Public Health and Welfare,
                        San Mateo County California

1955-70           Clinical Professor of Preventive Medicine, Stanford University
                        School of Medicine

1963                Bronfman award, American Public Health Association

1970                San Mateo Community Hospital renamed Chope
                        Community Hospital

1970-75           Clinical Professor Emeritus
                        Family, Community, and Preventive Medicine
                        Stanford University School of Medicine

25 Apr 1976    Died.



Series Description



1.         Speeches and Writings, arranged chronologically, 1938-69


2.         Tacoma-Pierce County Community survey


3.         Miscellany, arranged by subject




Container List


Chope (Harold D.) 1904-1976

Harold Delos Chope papers, 1938-1969


Note:   numbers after the decimal point refer to folder numbers, for example:

1.2 refers to box 1, folder 2.


Box no.           Contents

1.1                   Speeches & Writings: Mar 1965 -

1.2                   Speeches & Writings Oct 1962 - Oct 1964

1.3                   Speeches & Writings June 1960 - Apr 1962

1.4                   Speeches & Writings 1959

1.5                   Speeches & Writings 1957-58

1.6                   Speeches & Writings 1938-56

Box no.           Contents
2.1                   Tacoma-Pierce County survey: Correspondence, 196?

2.2                   Tacoma-Pierce County survey: Grant application

2.3                   Tacoma-Pierce County survey: information for students…

2.4                   Tacoma-Pierce County survey: background statistitistics…

2.5                   Tacoma-Pierce County survey: Consultant's report

2.6                   Tacoma-Pierce County survey: Agency self-studies

2.7                   Tacoma-Pierce County survey: Agency self-studies

2.8                   Tacoma-Pierce County survey: Tacoma-Pierce Co. H…

2.9                   Tacoma-Pierce County survey: Citizens Survey Com…

Box no.           Contents
3.4                   Miscellany: A.P.H.A. Program Area Comm. on Commu…

3.5                   Miscellany: Stanford Univ. School of Medicine, t…

3.6                   Miscellany: Mid-peninsula Health Facilities Plan

3.7                   Miscellany: agenda, minutes, State Advisory Hosp…

3.8                   Miscellany: correspondence

Box no.           Contents
4.1                   Miscellany: New manpower, ... careerists in San…

4.2                   Program evaluation presentation / San Mateo Ment…

4.3                   Program summary and legislation / San Mateo Co.

4.4                   Data for planning regionalization / San Mateo Co

4.5                   Miscellany: reports and clippings

4.6                   Demonstration of in-home health ... chronically

4.7                   Planning for the mentally retarded, Fresno County

4.8                   First year's report, Family Centered Program / C…

4.9                   Mental retardation survey of Los Angeles County,…

4.10                 Preliminary report, Rockefeller Foundation ...





prepared January 1991
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