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Table of contents for Stanley (Leo L.) Papers


Descriptive Summary

Series Description

Container List (partial)


Descriptive Summary


Title:  Leo Leonidas Stanley

Accession Number:  MSS 15

Linear feet occupied:  46.5

Extent:  25 boxes, 37 document cases



Series Description


Series I             Events of the Day, 1931-1950.  Boxes by date.


Series II           Correspondence, 1916-1923.  Boxes by date.


Series III          All Pacific Cruise, 1929.  Boxes by date.


Series IV          Reprints, 1920-1971.  Also includes reports to Navy, 1941-1942.



Container List (partial)


Stanley (Leo L.) 1886-1976

Leo Leonidas Stanley papers, 1916-1950


Series IV

Note:   numbers after the decimal point refer to folder numbers, for example:

1.2 refers to box 1, folder 2.


Box no.           Contents


67.1                 Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Navy Department, 1941-1942.

                                    Five solutions submitted by Stanley, returned with evaluations.

                                    Handwritten manuscripts.


67.2                 Reprints, 1920-1940.  Includes:

                                    Testicle Transplantation

                                    The Effects of Testicular Substance Implantations on Glycosuria

                                    How Men Die in Prison

                                    Liver Substance Implantations and Hypertension

                                    Syphilis Among State Prisoners

                                    Medical Observations of Marco Polo

                                    Prison Epidemic of Flexner's Dysentery

                                    The Effects of Coffee on Sleep

                                    What to Eat on Going to Bed

                                    Powdered Whey as Dietary Aid in Treatment of Tuberculosis

                                    Reaction of Guineapigs to Implanted Clay Capsules Containing

                                                Tubercule Bacilli


                                    Study of One Hundred and Thirty-Three Tonsillectomies

                                    Voluntary Sterilization in Prison

                                    Tuberculosis In San Quentin

                                    The "Buck" Kelly Case

                                    Spinal Anesthesia


67.3                 Reprints, 1941-1968.  Includes:

                                    Peanut Butcher

                                    Backward, Turn Backward

                                    San Quentin's Chief Croaker

                                    Ho, Heave, Ho!

                                    It's Fun to Be Retired

                                    Western Association of Railway and Industrial Surgeons


67.4                 Reprints, n.d.

                                    Men at Their Worst: Twenty Years at San Quentin

                                    Newspaper photo (1971) of Stanley and Frank Galli with

                                                their book, Marin People.



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