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Descriptive Summary


Title:  Adelaide Brown

Accession Number:  MSS 12

Linear feet occupied:  1.6

Extent:  4 boxes organized in 4 series

Provenance:  unknown



Series Description


1.         Public health nursing


2.         Milk


3.         Miscellany


4.         Prenatal, infant, child and maternal health care



Container List


Brown (Adelaide) 1868-1939

Adelaide Brown papers, 1917-1933


Note:   numbers after the decimal point refer to folder numbers, for example:

1.2 refers to box 1, folder 2.


Box     Contents

1.1       Pub health nurs: correspondence 1917-31

1.2       Pub health nurs: Education programs, Calif

1.3       Pub health nurs: Visiting nursing, 1924 San Francisco

1.4       Pub health nurs: Lectures / Adelaide Brown

1.5       Pub Health Nurs: Calif. Comm. on Pub Health Nurs…

1.6       Pub health nurs: Calif. PH nurses' exams 1921-30

1.7       Pub Health Nurs: exam statistics and administration

1.8       Pub Health Nurs: pamphlets, United States

1.9       Pub Health Nurs: syllabus, New York PHN course

1.10     Pub Health Nurs: Education programs, U.S.

1.11     Pub Health Nurs: Stanford course 1921-31

1.12     Pub Health Nurs: Miscellany

Box     Contents

2.1       Ser. 2 Milk: Correspondence, 1917-24

2.2       Ser. 2 Milk: Correspondence, 1925-33

2.3       Ser. 2 Milk: Misc. articles / [A. Brown?]

2.7       Ser. 2 Milk: pamphlets, clippings

2.8       Ser. 2 Milk: legislation, misc. United States

2.9       Miscellany: History ... women medicine / A. Brown

2.10     Miscellany: Health insurance

2.11     Miscellany: Sanitation

2.12     Miscellany: Venereal diseases

2.13     Miscellany: Occupancy survey tuberculosis wards

2.14     Miscellany: Committee on Nursing Education in C…

2.15     Miscellany: Nurses registration

2.16     Miscellany

Box     Contents

3.1       Prenatal, infant, child, maternal health: corres…

3.2       Prenatal ... health: What the prospective mother…

3.3       Prenatal ... health: Why I am voting for Governo…

3.4       Prenatal ... health: Prenatal talks / A. Brown (…

3.5       Prenatal ... health: Lecture notes

3.6       Prenatal ... health: Sheppard-Towner for Califor…

3.7       Prenatal ... health: Sheppard-Towner miscellany

3.8       Prenatal ... health: Survey of California county

3.9       Prenatal ... health: Infant and maternal welfare

3.10     Prenatal ... health: Prenatal care in health di…

3.11     Prenatal ... health: Prenatal letters

3.15 pamphlets, California Comm.

3.16 Record...SF child study pare…

3.17 minutes, Calif. State Board

Box     Contents

4.1 San Francisco schools

4.2 Mills College Nursery School

4.3 pamphlets, National Child Lab

4.4 Nassau County (New York) Medi…

4.5 Campfire Girls of America

4.6 miscellany, San Francisco

4.7 miscellany, Los Angeles

4.8 miscellany, California

4.9 misc., Pennsylvania, Div. of…

4.13 miscellany, New Zealand

            Scrapbook, Birth Control clippings

            (Shelved oversized) formerly MSS O856 P18






Adelaide Brown, 1868-1939


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