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Past Classes


A Senior PLOS Editor Speaks! Advice on Getting Published in PLOS One and Observations about Trends in Publishing

Challenges: Authors are frequently frustrated with the cycle of rejection at so-called “high impact journals” Increasing the reproducibility and utility of your work to the community at a time when methods sections have become vanishingly small, and retractions seem to be at an all time high The impact factor is a metric that ... More

Enhancing Your Scientific Presence with Social Media Tools - Archive

Scientific outreach is a growing part of a successful scientific career. With the advent of blogging platforms and social media to disseminate scientific content, how can you develop a web presence in the world of science that is meaningful to your audience and your career? Talk through the process of ... More

Nuts and Bolts of Copyright for Stanford Educators and Students

The course will: Provide an overview of the key aspects of US copyright law that impact Stanford Review Stanford policies related to copyright and other intellectual property concerns Look at common copyright-related issues for Stanford faculty and students, and provide guidance on how best to address those concerns

Wikipedia Editor Speaks! Editing, Bias, Content Gaps, Project Medicine and more!

Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia created in human history, is the world's most popular reference work. New research demonstrates it's now the leading source of medical information for patients and health professionals.  In this talk and ensuing discussion, we will explore how Wikipedia, an encyclopedia that anyone can edit and freely ... More