Past Classes


Introduction to Bayesian Analysis Using STATA

Bayesian analysis has become a popular tool for many statistical applications.  Yet many data analysts have little training in the theory of Bayesian analysis and software used to fit Bayesian models.  This talk will provide an intuitive introduction to the concepts of Bayesian analysis and demonstrate how to fit Bayesian ... All course content

More Than Text: Digital Bioresearch Image & Video Resources

Looking for a video on how to tag macrophages with iron nanoparticles? Want to perform a differential diagnosis of a patient presenting with fever, conjunctival injection, rhinorrhea, and sore throat? Want to refer to a 3D real time anatomical resource?  Lane Medical Library subscribes to a suite of image resources ... All course content

Optimizing your Presentation Graphics

When used effectively, graphics can significantly enhance a presentation. This lecture/demo will help you optimize presentation graphics. We will start by highlighting best practices when it comes to incorporating pre-existing graphics into your presentation. We will also explore tools and techniques for creating your own reusable presentation graphics in Microsoft ... All course content

Scientific Animations for Your Presentations

Scientific animations can be powerful tools for engaging your audience and conveying "big picture" ideas. This seminar provide an introductory overview to animation styles and software you can use to create animations for your own presentations!  We will cover hand drawn computer animation, stop motion animation and 3D animation with ... All course content