Past Classes


Biomedical Research Toolkit

Get all of the following in one session! Essential PubMed tips/tricks in 10 minutes Find out what researchers are saying about your articles with AltMetrics Tips for finding the "seminal" article(s) on a topic When to use other powerful Stanford databases on cost/economics, health policy, medical education, etc.  Best approaches to managing your references, PDFs, ... All course content

Concepts of Next Generation Sequencing

Next generation sequencing has become one of the most popular tools in biomedical research and commercial applications. In this lecture, we will first present a historical view of the next generation sequencing, and highlights the main interventions in different approaches. We will then focus on Illumina sequencing technology, which is ... All course content

Data Visualization Programs in 60 Minutes: Choose the Right Visual for Your Dataset

This presentation/demo will give an overview of multiple data visualization tools and techniques for displaying data of many types. Data visualization is a crucial part of science communication, presentation quality, and generating impact – learn more what your options are! Objectives: Choose between interactive and non-interactive frameworks, as well as programming-based and ... All course content

Introduction to the Command-Line

   We typically interact with our computers through graphics, like buttons and menus, that make up what is called a graphical user interface, or GUI. Another, often more powerful way that we can interact with our computers is through the command-line interface (CLI), which requires you to type instructions to ... All course content

Keeping Current: Stay Up to Date with the Latest Biomedical Research

Researchers today confront an enormous and seemingly overwhelming flood of scientific literature, blogs, podcasts, and more . Fortunately, there are some excellent tools that can help you filter and organize the information that best matches your areas of interest. This workshop will provide a close look at: 1) powerful biology/medicine ... All course content

MATLAB: Plotting Publication-ready Figures - Scripts and Tricks from a Stanford Biosciences Postdoc

MATLAB is an incredible tool for analyzing data and generating figures, and it has lots of fans here at the Stanford School of Medicine. Carolina Tropini, a Stanford postdoc in the Sonnenburg Lab, will present a talk on some helpful MATLAB scripts, tips and tricks related to making clear and consistent figures ... All course content

More Than Text: Digital Bioresearch Image & Video Resources

Looking for a video on how to tag macrophages with iron nanoparticles? Want to perform a differential diagnosis of a patient presenting with fever, conjunctival injection, rhinorrhea, and sore throat? Want to refer to a 3D real time anatomical resource?  Lane Medical Library subscribes to a suite of image resources ... All course content

Nuts and Bolts of Copyright for Stanford Educators and Students

The course will: Provide an overview of the key aspects of US copyright law that impact Stanford Review Stanford policies related to copyright and other intellectual property concerns Look at common copyright-related issues for Stanford faculty and students, and provide guidance on how best to address those concerns Class Handout ... All course content

Practical Guide to RNA Sequencing

This lecture, following the “Concepts of Next Generation Sequencing”, can be standalone. In this lecture, we will focus on the principles of different RNA-seq preparations, such as polyA+, ribosomal RNA depletion, and strand-specific RNA-seq. We will discuss practical guidance and tips of making RNA-seq libraries. Computational analysis of the sequencing ... All course content