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Fundamentals of Creating Figures with Illustrator Part 2

Drawing figures can help your audience understand concepts that are important to you and, if your figure is well designed, it will get reused and spread your ideas even further. This lecture/demo/hands-on session will cover the workflow for creating reusable visual assets for a figure, and how to use various drawing and painting tools in Adobe Illustrator. The first session will introduce the most basic aspects of illustrator in a semi-hands-on, guided demo setting. The tools covered will allow you to create basic, reusable images ranging from cells to signaling pathways. In addition, we will teach you tools that can help format/adapt existing figures. It requires no previous knowledge of Illustrator, but it does require a working copy to get the most of out the session. The second session will explore the basic design principles and covers the creation of more complex figures such as tissue and shading. Neither session covers assembling figures from data.

PART 2: Composing complex figures
  • Understand figure design principles and best practices
  • Learn how to plan and compose a complex figure with reusable visual assets