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  • Digital
    edited by Birte Melsen.
    Who are the patients -- Chief complaints and problem -- Etiology -- Primary or secondary malocclusions -- Collaboration- Multidisciplinary -- Interdisciplinary -- Treatment planning -- Definition of treatment goal -- Tissue reaction -- Appliance design -- Bonding problem related to adult reconstructed dentitions -- Material related side effects in orthodontics -- Treatment sequence -- Anchorage problems -- Lingual orthdontics -- Patients with periodontal problems -- Patients with prosthodontic problems -- Patients with TMJ problems -- Surgical solution -- Where is the limit? -- Maintenance.
  • Digital
    edited by David Ricketts, David Bartlett.
    Management of dental caries / David Ricketts, Graham Chadwick and Andrew Hall -- Periodontal disease / Angela Gilbert -- Endodontic problems in advanced operative dentistry / William Saunders -- Tooth wear / David Bartlett -- Aesthetic problems / David Bartlett -- Occlusion / David Ricketts -- Cores / Carol Tait and David Rickett -- Gold crowns / John Radford, Brian Stevenson -- Gold restorations / Graham Chadwick, John Radford and David Ricketts -- Metal ceramic crowns / Brian Stevenson -- All ceramic crowns / Andrew Hal and Graham Chadwick -- Inlays, onlays, and veneers / David Bartlett and David Ricketts -- Impression materials and techniques / David Ricketts -- Provisional restorations / John Radford and David Ricketts -- Getting the appearance correct / Brian Stevenson -- Complex multiple fixed and combined fixed and removable prosthodontics / David Bartlett and David Ricketts -- When and how to replace missing teeth / David Ricketts -- Minimal preparation (resin retained) bridges / David Ricketts -- Conventional bridges / David Bartlett and David Ricketts.
  • Digital
    Nejat Erverdi, Melih Motro.
    This book describes a new method of alveolar distraction osteogenesis that offers important advantages and can be used for the treatment of various orthopedic abnormalities and congenital malformations. Detailed guidance is provided on selection of patients suitable for alveolar distraction, including those with cleft lip and palate, skeletal class II malocclusions, and cystic lesions involving the alveolus. All aspects of treatment using the ArchWise distraction appliance are then covered, including technical preparation, surgical set-up and osteotomies, docking site surgery, orthodontic finishing, implant placement, and prosthetic restorations. Relevant information is also included on the principles of distraction osteogenesis and bone histology and quality after the procedure. The book concludes with helpful case presentations covering different scenarios in which ArchWise distraction of alveolar bone is appropriate.
  • Digital
    Peter Murray.
    This clinical guide is a concise up-to-date resource that covers a wide range of endodontic procedures, including non-surgical root canal therapy, surgical root canal therapy, trauma care and the management of fractured teeth, apexification, apexogenesis, revascularization, regeneration, Cvek partial pulpotomy, root canal retreatment, and periapical surgery. The provision of numerous flowcharts, checklists, and advice on error avoidance for each procedure will assist in decision-making in daily practice. Scientific and clinical evidence regarding the use and efficacy of the different forms of treatment is summarized, and helpful information is also presented on instrumentation. The inclusion of exam questions will assist those preparing for endodontic examinations. A Primer on Endodontic Treatment will be of value for dental students, residents in training to become endodontists, endodontists, pediatric dentists, and established dentists.
  • Digital
    [edited by] Sunil Kapila.
  • Digital
    [edited by] Ravindra Nanda, Sunil Kapila.
    This titles addresses the evolving science of orthodontics as it relates to optimal patient therapy and care. Topics covered include diagnosis and treatment planning, the management of sagittal and vertical discrepancies, the management of adult and complex cases, and the application of biomedicine in orthodontic treatment.
  • Digital
    Mahmoud Torabinejad, DMD, MSD, PhD, Professor and Program Director, Department of Endodontics, School of Dentistry, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California, Richard E. Walton, DMD, MS, Professor Emeritus, Department of Endodontics, The University of Iowa, College of Dentistry, Iowa City, Iowa, Ashraf F. Fouad, BDS, DDS, MS, Department of Endodontics, Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland.
    The biology of dental pulp and periradicular tissues / Graham Rex Holland, Mahmoud Torabinejad -- Protecting the pulp and promoting tooth maturation / Ashraf F. Fouad, Anthony J. Smith -- Endodontic microbiology / José F. Siqueira, Jr., Ashraf F. Fouad -- Pulp and periapical pathosis / Mahmoud Torabinejad, Shahrokh Shabahang -- Diagnosis, treatment planning and systemic considerations / Richard E. Walton, Ashraf F. Fouad -- Interaction between the general dentist and the endodontist / Ashraf F. Fouad, Mahmoud Torabinejad -- Endodontic-periodontic interelationship / Mahmoud Torabinejad, Ilan Rotstein -- Longitudinal tooth fractures / Eric M. Rivera, Richard E. Walton -- Local anesthesia / Al Reader, John M. Nusstein, Richard E. Walton -- Endodontic emergencies and therapeutics / Paul D. Eleazer, Paul A. Rosenberg -- Management of traumatic dental injuries / Nestor Cohenca -- Endodontic radiography / Richard E. Walton, Ashraf F. Fouad -- Endodontic instruments / Van T. Himel, Kent A. Sabey -- Internal anatomy / Richard E. Walton, Eric J. Herbranson -- Isolation, endodontic access, and length determination / William T. Johnson, Anne E. Williamson -- Cleaning and shaping / Ove A. Peters, W. Craig Noblett -- Preparation for restoration / Charles J. Goodacre, Harold H. Messer -- Obturation / James C. Kulild, Bekir Karabucak -- Procedural accidents / Mahmoud Torabinejad, James D. Johnson -- Retreatment / George Bogen, Robert Handysides -- Endodontic surgery / Mahmoud Torabinejad, Bradford R. Johnson -- Evaluation of endodontic outcomes / Mahmoud Torabinejad, Shane N. White -- Single implant / Mohammad A. Sabeti, Mahmoud Torabinejad -- Bleaching discolored teeth / Ilan Rotstein, Richard E. Walton -- Geriatric endodontics / Richard E. Walton -- Appendix. Pulpal anatomy and access preparations / Lisa R. Wilcox.
  • Digital
    Ugur Erdemir, Esra Yildiz, editors.
    Introduction -- Definition and Causes of Diastema -- Initial Consultation -- Diagnosis -- Esthetic Parameters and Smile Design -- Soft Tissue Considerations -- Treatment Planning -- Treatment Options, Timing, and Sequencing -- Material Selection -- Cases.
  • Digital
    André P. Saadoun.
    "This is a step by step guide to success in periodontics and implant dentistry, helping clinicians to create a natural and esthetically pleasing smile for their patients. Starting with a general discussion of facial esthetics and analyzing the dento-gingival constituents of the smile, the book goes on to consider the impact of these on people's quality of life, both in terms of health and social engagement. Subsequent chapters focus on specific esthetic treatments such as crown lengthening procedures, gingival recession coverage with connective tissue grafts or periodontal regenerative material and soft tissue management for natural teeth and implants"--Provided by publisher.
  • Digital
    Ashraf Ayoub, Balvinder Khambay, Philip Benington and Khursheed Moos, Lyndia Green, Fraser Walker.
    This handbook provides a short, contemporary text on the management of dentofacial deformities. The importance of a well organised, inter-disciplinary approach is emphasised throughout and the following key areas are presented: A detailed account of the role of the psychologist, from initial assessment through to post-operative support. A systematic approach to dentofacial assessment, including a section on diagnostic records and an overview of cephalometry. A logical step-by-step approach to treatment planning, emphasising the interactive thought process required.
  • Digital
    Roberto Justus.
    PREVENTION OF WHITE SPOT LESIONS (WSLs): Background: Incidence & Prevalence -- Detection -- Treatment -- Prevention -- Clinical Recommendations. MAINTENANCE OF PERIODONTAL HEALTH AND PREVENTION OF PERIODONTAL DETERIORATION: Extraction vs. non-extraction treatment -- Functional appliances vs. headgear -- Diagnosis and treatment of anterior open bite -- The importance of chin projection -- Stability and Post-treatment retention -- Clinical Recommendations. PREVENTION OF EXTERNAL APICAL ROOT RESORPTION (EARR): Etiologic Factors -- Controversies -- Genetic predisposition -- Evidence -- Root-Sparing Treatment Strategies -- Clinical recommendations.
  • Digital
    edited by Vinod Krishnan, Ze'ev Davidovitch.
    The increased stature of orthodontics / Ze'ev Davidovitch, Vinod Krishnan -- Effective data management and communication for the contemporary orthodontist / Ameet V Revankar -- Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning: collaborating with medical and other dental specialists / Om P Kharbanda, Neeraj Wadhawan -- Psychosocial factors in motivation, treatment, compliance, and satisfaction with orthodontic care / Donald B Giddon, Nina K Anderson -- Nutrition in orthodontic practice / Lauren Schindler, Carole A Palmer -- Anomalies in growth and development: the importance of consultation with a pediatrician / Adriana Da Silveira -- The benefits of obtaining the opinion of a clinical geneticist regarding orthodontic patients / James K Hartsfield Jr -- Multidisciplinary team management of congenital orofacial deformities / Sherry Peter, Maria J Kuriakose -- Cleft lip and palate: role of the orthodontist in the interdisciplinary management team / Anne Marie Kuijpers-Jagtman -- What can orthodontists learn from orthopaedists engaged in basic research? / Carlalberta Verna, Birte Melsen -- When should an orthodontist seek the advice of an endocrinologist? Nadine G Haddad, Linda A DiMeglio -- The benefits of consulting with an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist before and during orthodontic treatment Joseph G Ghafari, Anthony T Macari -- Obstructive sleep apnea: orthodontic strategies to establish and maintain a patent airway / Mimi Yow, Eric Lye Kok Weng -- Acute and chronic infections affecting the oral cavity: orthodontic implications / Vinod Krishnan, Gunnar Dahlén, Ze'ev Davidovitch -- Orthodontics and pediatric dentistry: two specialties, one goal / Elliott M Moskowitz, George J Cisneros, Mark S Hochberg -- Dental caries, tooth fracture and exposed dental pulp: the role of endodontics in orthodontic treatment planning and mechanotherapy / Neslihan Arhun, Ayca Arman-Ozcirpici, Mete Ungor, Omur Polat Ozsoy -- Pre-prosthetic orthodontic tooth movement: interdisciplinary concepts for optimizing prosthodontic care / Julie Holloway, Meade C Van Putten Jr, Sarandeep Huja -- Orthodontic treatment in patients requiring orthognathic surgical procedures / David R Musich -- The role of biomedical engineers in the design and manufacture of customized orthodontic appliances / William A Brantley, Theodore Eliades -- Tissue engineering in orthodontics therapy / Nina Kaukua, Kaj Fried, Jeremy J Mao -- Corticotomy and stem cell therapy for orthodontists and periodontists: rationale, hypotheses, and protocol / Neal C Murphy, Nabil F Bissada, Ze'ev Davidovitch, Simone Kucska -- The application of lasers in orthodontics / Neal D Kravitz -- Implant orthodontics: an interactive approach to skeletal anchorage / Hyo-Sang Park -- Temporomandibular dysfunction: controversies and orthodontics / Donald J Rinchuse, Sanjivan Kandasamy -- Orthodontic treatment for the special needs child / Stella Chaushu, Joseph Shapira, Adrian Becker.
  • Digital
    Joseph Noar.
    Introduction : what do we know about growth? -- Recognizing the problem : is a nice smile important? -- Investigations -- Managing the developing occlusion.
  • Print
    Sandra Kahn and Paul R. Ehrlich ; foreword by Robert Sapolsky.
    Primitive big mouths to modern malocclusion -- Mostly chewing -- The diet, posture, and housing revolutions -- Appearance -- Development and oral posture -- Disorders of breathing and sleep -- What can you do? -- Orthodontists, dental orthopedists, orthotropists, and forwardontists -- Changing culture, improving health.
  • Digital
    edited by Chrissa Kioussi.
    Histological analysis of the embryonic and adult tooth / Atsushi Ohazama -- Determination of gene expression patterns by whole-mount in situ hybridization / Sergiy Kyryachenko [and others] -- Determination of gene expression patterns by in situ hybridization in sections/ Kateryna Kyrylkova [and others] -- Immunohistochemistry and detection of proliferating cells by BrdU / Sergiy Kyryachenko [and others] -- Detection of apoptosis by TUNEL assay / Kateryna Kyrylkova [and others] -- Use of siRNA in dental tissue-derived cell cultures : integrin knockdown in fibroblasts / Malgorzata M. Barczyk, Donald Gullberg, and Anne Isine Bolstad -- Organ cultures and kidney-capsule grafting of tooth germs / Keishi Otsu, Naoki Fujiwara, and Hidemitsu Harada -- Evaluation of skull and tooth morphology and mineralization using high-resolution x-ray tomography / Brian K. Bay -- Electron microscopy / Hans U. Luder and Margrit Amstad-Jossi -- Deoxyoligonucleotide microarrays for gene expression profiling in murine tooth germs / Harald Osmundsen, Anne-Marthe Jevnaker, and Maria A. Landin -- Lineage differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells from dental pulp, apical papilla, and periodontal ligament / Kentaro Akiyama [and others] -- In vivo transplantation and tooth repair / Shuhei Tsuchiya and Masaki J. Honda -- Methods to validate tooth-supporting regenerative therapies / Miguel Padial-Molina [and others] -- Generation of a bioengineered tooth by using a three-dimensional cell manipulation method (organ germ method) / Masamitsu Oshima [and others] -- In vitro studies on odontogenic tumors / Javier Caton, Thimios A. Mitsiadis, and Peter R. Morgan -- Whole mount immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization of larval and adultzZebra fish dental tissues / Barbara Verstraeten, Ellen Sanders, and Ann Huysseune.
  • Digital
    Hugh Devlin, Ichiro Nishimura, editors.
    Dentists are routinely faced with a huge choice of implant systems from different manufacturers, each of whom claims that its own particular system has advantages over the others. There is consequently a need for an evidence-based review of the field that offers authoritative practical guidance for dental practitioners. Oral and Cranial Implants: Recent Research Developments has been written with this in mind. It brings together all the recent key developments in implant research and discusses the underlying science relating to implant procedures and failures.
  • Digital/Print
    Digital : WHO2013
  • Digital
    edited by Iven Klineberg, Diana Kingston.
    Literature searching : an evidence-based approach / Diana Kingston -- Consent and clinician patient relationships / Diana Kingston and Iven Klineberg -- An approach to treatment decision making / Iven Klineberg -- Orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders / Chris Peck -- Diagnostic planning for tooth preparation technique : a biological approach / Robin Hawthorn -- Provisionalisation in fixed prosthodontics / Max Guazzato, Robert Santosa, and Johnson P.Y. Chou -- Maintenance and long-term outcomes / Terry Walton -- Single-tooth restoration / introduction by Iven Klineberg -- Tooth wear / introduction by Iven Klineberg -- The broken down dentition / introduction by Iven Klineberg -- Complete edentulism / introduction by Iven Klineberg -- Developmental complications / introduction (cleft palate) by Christine Wallace -- Congenital malformations (tooth agenesis) / introduction by Alan Yap -- Rehabilitation after tumour surgery / introduction by Christine Wallace.
  • Digital
    Nalini Vadivelu, Amarender Vadivelu, Alan David Kaye, editors.
    1. The Neurobiology of Orofacial Pain -- 2. Oral Health Related Quality of Life and Facial Pain -- 3. Classification and Epidemiology of Orofacial Pain -- 4. Nociceptive Chemical Mediators In Oral Inflammation -- 5. Dental Sleep Medicine and the Use of Oral Devices -- 6. Local Anesthesia in the Orofacial Region -- 7. Analgesics and adjuvants for the management of orofacial pain across age groups -- 8. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Pain Management -- 9. Management of Oral Ulcers and Burning Mouth Syndrome -- 10. Hypnosis and Biofeedback for Orofacial Pain Management -- 11. Headaches, Migraine and Cluster Headache -- 12. Management of Orofacial Neuropathic Pain -- 13. Preemptive Analgesia and Multimodal Pain Management for Temporomandibular Total Joint Replacement Surgery.
  • Digital
    Adrian Becker.
    General principles related to the diagnosis and treatment of impacted teeth -- Radiographic methods related to the diagnosis of impacted teeth -- Surgical exposure of impacted teeth -- Treatment components and strategy -- Maxillary central incisors -- Palatally impacted canines -- Impacted teeth and resorption of the roots of adjacent teeth -- Other single teeth -- Impacted teeth in the adult patient -- Lingual appliances, implants, and impacted teeth -- Rescuing teeth impacted in dentigerous cysts -- The anatomy of failure -- Traumatic impaction -- Cleidocranial dysplasia -- Extreme impactions, unusual phenomena, and difficult decisions.
  • Digital
    Thomas E. Southard, Steven D. Marshall, Laura L. Bonner.
    Foundations -- Dental deep bites -- Skeletal deep bites -- Dental anterior open bites -- Skeletal anterior open bites -- Posterior open bites.
  • Digital
    Jeffrey C. Posnick.
    Capturing the latest thinking for the evaluation and treatment of dentofacial deformities, Orthognathic Surgery: Principles and Practice, covers the basic principles and concepts of dentofacial deformities along with planning, surgical techniques, surgical complications, classic patterns, and clinical presentations. Over 5,000 clinical photos and detailed art make this a valuable reference for clinical orthodontists, craniofacial surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and residents in training. The latest in surgical protocols for OMS and Orthodontics puts you at the forefront of the orthognathic surgery field.Logically organized material aids you prior to developing treatment plans or in surgery.Over 5,000 new photos and illustrations boost your understanding of key teaching points and surgical techniques. Over 40 videos from Dr. Posnick's archive available on the companion website.
  • Digital
    Theodore Eliades, editor ; foreword by T.M. Graber.
    The orthodontic literature includes many articles on basic science and engineering research techniques, but clinicians are typically unfamiliar with the principles underlying these techniques and may also lack the background knowledge required for a full appreciation of their role. This book comprehensively reviews a wide array of the research methods most frequently encountered in the literature, encompassing the areas of materials science and clinical and biological research. The various methods and techniques are carefully described, and their indications and limitations are explained. All of the information is up to date, reflecting latest developments.For practicing professionals, Research Methods in Orthodontics will be an ideal introduction to instrumental analysis and basic science research methods in the field. It will also serve as an excellent reference guide for researchers. By familiarizing orthodontists with the basics of research methods, the book will boost their ability to keep pace with developments in treatment approaches, materials, and techniques and assist in the transfer of relevant future findings into practice.
  • Digital
    volume editors, Alpdogan Kantarci, Leslie Will, Stephen Yen.
    Section 1. Biology and metabolism of alveolar bone -- Section 2. Mechanical properties of dentoalveolar structures -- Section 3. Orthodontic tooth movement -- Section 4. Methods to facilitate orthodontic tooth movement.

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