Dorsal scapular nerve

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Dorsal scapular nerve
The rhomboid muscles have been cut away. The scapula hs been retracted laterally from the thorax so that the deep surfaces of the levator scapulae(2) and serratus anterior (4,11) muscles are exposed. The dorsal scapular nerve (3) can be traced through the levator scapular muscle toward its termination in the rhomboid muscles (see previous view).
1 . Superficial cervical artery
2 . Levator muscle of scapula
3 . Dorsal nerve of scapula
4 . Serratus anterior muscle (upper part)
5 . Rhomboid minor muscle (cut off)
6 . Vertebral margin of scapula
7 . Branch of superficial transverse artery to trapezius (refer to 931)
8 . Rhomboid major muscle (cut off)
9 . Accessory slip of serratus anterior muscle
10 . Fascial layer interposed between serratus anterior muscle and thoracic wall
11 . Serratus anterior muscle (middle part)
12 . Splenius capitis muscle
13 . Middle scalene muscle
14 . Ascending branch superficial transverse artery
15 . Superficial transverse artery
16 . Upper pointer: Descending branch superficial transverse artery Lower pointer: Lymph node
17 . Posterior superior serratus muscle
18 . Spinous process thoracic vertebra II
19 . Tendon of rhomboid major muscle (cut off)
20 . Rib III
21 . Lumbodorsal fascia
22 . Trapezius muscle (cut off)