Nerve supply to left rhomboideus major muscle

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Nerve supply to left rhomboideus major muscle
The fascia has been removed from the rhomboid muscles and the fascicles of the rhomboideus major have been separated to expose branches of the dorsal scapular nerve.
1 . Trapezius muscle (reflected laterally)
2 . Superficial transverse vein
3 . Accessory nerve (XI)
4 . Levator muscle of scapula
5 . Superficial transverse artery (divided)
6 . Insertion of trapezius on spine of scapula
7 . Vertebral margin of scapula
8 . Infraspinatus fascia
9 . Teres major muscle
10 . Rhomboid minor muscle
11 . Dorsal nerve of scapula
12 . Rhomboid major muscle
13 . Trapezius muscle
14 . Lumbodorsal fascia