Fascial planes anterior to left shoulder joint

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Fascial planes anterior to left shoulder joint
A layer of fascia (6)extends laterally from the short head of the biceps across the shoulder joint. This layer blends with a fascia, aponeurotic in character, which continues upward from the insertion of the pectoralis major (18). The tendon of insertion of the subscapular muscle (4) is covered by a combination of the subscapular fascia. This layer has been reflected superiorly (3).
1 . Subdeltoid bursa
2 . Coracoacromial ligament
3 . Lateral portion of subscapular fascia (reflected superiorly)
4 . Tendon of insertion of subscapularis muscle (pointer on lesser tubercle of humerus)
5 . Coracoid process of scapula
6 . Fascial layer continuous with fascia of biceps muscle
7 . Position of intertubercular sulcus
8 . Anterior circumflex artery of humerus
9 . Coracobrachialis muscle
10 . Biceps brachii muscle (short head)
11 . Pectoralis major bursa (pointer on tendon of long head of biceps muscle)
12 . Brachial veins
13 . Subscapularis muscle
14 . Transverse humeral ligament
15 . Deltoid muscle
16 . Axillary nerve
17 . Body of humerus (covered by periosteum)
18 . Pectoralis major muscle (tendon of insertion)
19 . Cephalic vein