Articulated right carpal bones, volar view

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Image #87-4
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Articulated right carpal bones, volar view
Nutrient foramina are visible on several of the rough non-articular surfaces of the bones.
1 . Capitate bone
2 . Hamulus of hamate bone
3 . Articular surface for fifth metacarpal bone
4 . Hamate bone
5 . Triquetral bone
6 . Pisiform bone
7 . Lunate bone
8 . Trapezoid bone
9 . Articular surface for first metacarpal bone
10 . Tuberculum of trapezium bone
11 . Groove for tendon of flexor carpi radialis muscle
12 . Trapezium bone
13 . Tubercle of scaphoid bone
14 . Scaphoid bone