Dissection of head and neck from a posterior approach

Relation of pharynx to cervical spine

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Dissection of head and neck from a posterior approach
Relation of pharynx to cervical spine
The left half of the cervical spine, together with the prevertebral muscles and fascia, has been resected and the muscles of the posterior wall of the pharynx brought to view by removal of the buccopharyngeal fascia. The left carotid sheath has been cut away.
1 . Upper pointer: Facial nerve (VII) (pointer at stylomastoid foramen) Lower pointer: Internal jugular vein
2 . Hypoglossal nerve (XII)
3 . Vagus nerve (X) (pointer on nodose ganglion)
4 . Upper pointer: Accessory nerve (XI) Lower pointer: Sternocleidomastoid muscle
5 . Gray rami communicantes (to cervical nerve II-III, which have been cut away)
6 . Superior cervical ganglion
7 . Pharyngeal plexus vagus nerve
8 . Internal carotid artery
9 . Superior horn thyroid cartilage
10 . Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle
11 . Greater auricular nerve (cut across)
12 . Superficial fascia (deep lamina of external layer)
13 . Spinal ganglion cervical nerve VI
14 . Trapezius muscle (cut across)
15 . External jugular vein
16 . Articular surface superior thoracic vertebrae I
17 . Posterior cranial fossa
18 . Periosteum occipital bone
19 . Anterior margin of foramen magnum
20 . Longus capitis muscle (cut across)
21 . Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle
22 . Pharyngeal vein
23 . Middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle
24 . Arch of cervical vertebra III
25 . Splenius capitis muscle
26 . Body cervical vertebra IV (sectioned in midsagittal plane)
27 . Upper pointer: Trapezius muscle Lower pointer: Levator scapulae muscle
28 . Semispinalis cervicis muscle and multifidus muscle (cut across)
29 . Arch of cervical vertebra VII (cut across)
30 . Spinal cord