Exploration of the brain from its superior aspect

General surface view

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Exploration of the brain from its superior aspect
General surface view
The meninges and vessels have been removed from the right hemisphere to demonstrate the configuration of cortical gyri and sulci to better advantage. On the left side the arachnoid membrane is intact except near the midline. Many branches of the middle cerebral artery ramify over the lateral surface of the left hemisphere and those of the posterior cerebral artery are seen posteriorly. Several branches of the anterior cerebral artery are visible medially and anteriorly (2). The larger superior cerebral veins which have been cut off at points of entry into venous lacunae of the dura were filled with blue latex by retrograde injection.
1 . Frontal pole
2 . Branch anterior cerebral artery
3 . Great anastomotic vein of Trolard (passing downward across lateral aspect of hemisphere)
4 . Superior cerebral vein
5 . Branch middle cerebral artery (posterior parietal artery)
6 . Branch posterior cerebral artery
7 . Longitudinal fissure (cerebral)
8 . Medial frontal gyrus (superior part)
9 . Superior frontal sulcus
10 . Superior frontal gyrus
11 . Precentral sulcus
12 . Precentral gyrus
13 . Central sulcus (of Rolando)
14 . Postcentral gyrus
15 . Postcentral sulcus
16 . Supramarginal gyrus
17 . Lateral cerebral fissure (Sylvian)
18 . Interparietal sulcus
19 . Superior parietal lobule
20 . Inferior parietal lobule
21 . Parieto-occipital fissure (extending downward on medial side of hemisphere)
22 . Superior occipital gyri
23 . Occipital pole