Dissection of left parotideomasseteric region

Deep relations of facial nerve

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Dissection of left parotideomasseteric region
Deep relations of facial nerve
The superficial lobe of the parotid gland has been entirely removed and the facial nerved raised slightly away from the deep hole of the gland.
1 . Zygomatic process temporal bone (cut off)
2 . Superficial temporal artery (cut off)
3 . Articular capsule of mandible
4 . Auriculotemporal nerve
5 . Anterior auricular lymph node
6 . Upper pointer: Zygomatic branches of facial nerve Lower pointer: Temporal branch facial nerve
7 . Posterior facial vein
8 . Buccal branches of facial nerve
9 . Parotid gland (deep lobe)
10 . Parotid duct (inferior division)
11 . Marginal mandibular branches facial nerve
12 . Superficial branch facial nerve
13 . Cut section of skin of external acoustic meatus (note ceruminous gland in subcutaneous tissue)
14 . Posterior auricular nerve
15 . Auricular branch vagus nerve
16 . Filament from temporal branch of facial nerve which passed through parotid gland toward occipital region)
17 . Position of styloid process temporal bone
18 . Anastomotic branch auriculotemporal nerve with facial nerve
19 . Facial nerve (VII) at exit from stylomastoid foramen
20 . Tendon of sternocleidomastoid muscle
21 . Superior (temporofacial) division of facial nerve (VII)
22 . Inferior (cervicofacial) division of facial nerve (VII)
23 . Posterior auricular artery
24 . Deep lobe and duct of parotid gland
25 . Splenius capitis muscle
26 . Upper pointer: Posterior belly of digastric muscle Lower pointer: Superior deep cervical lymph node