Dissection of eye

Vascular tunic of right eye

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Dissection of eye
Vascular tunic of right eye
The sclera and cornea have been cut away on the medial side of a right eye to display the anterior chamber (7), iris(6), ciliary body(10) and outer surface of the choroid. Although none of the vessels has been injected, the branches of the superior and inferior medial vorticose veins (13,18) are clearly visible. The long posterior ciliary artery (17) was cut across in the resection of the sclera but its course can be traced nearly to the ciliary body. The distribution of the short posterior ciliary arteries is represented by the vessel at 14.
1 . Upper pointer: Sclera Lower pointer: Choroid
2 . Insertion of tendon of superior rectus muscle
3 . Bulbar conjunctiva
4 . Scleral sulcus
5 . Pectinate ligament of iridocorneal angle (detached from inner surface of cornea)
6 . Anterior surface of iris
7 . Anterior chamber of eye
8 . Pupil
9 . Cornea
10 . Ciliary muscle (meridional fibers)
11 . Corneo-scleral border (rim)
12 . Short diary nerves
13 . Vorticose vein
14 . Posterior ciliary artery (short)
15 . Sheath of optic nerve
16 . Optic nerve (II)
17 . Posterior ciliary artery (long)
18 . Vorticose vein