Apex of orbit

Relations of nerves, arteries and extraocular muscles, anterior view

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Apex of orbit
Relations of nerves, arteries and extraocular muscles, anterior view
The orbit has been sectioned in a frontal plane posterior to the eye. Fat, areolar connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels have been removed to demonstrate the fascia covering the extraordinary muscles and the eye. The fascia of the rectus muscles is thin posteriorly but becomes thick as the muscles approach the eye. It blends with the fascia of the bulb (Tenon's capsule) and, in addition, forms weblike folds (1) which extend between neighboring rectus muscles. The suspensory ligament of the eye has been described with the previous view.
1 . Frontal nerve
2 . Superior wall orbit
3 . Levator palpebrae superioris muscle
4 . Nasociliary nerve
5 . Ophthalmic artery (passes inferior to optic nerve in this specimen)
6 . Optic nerve (II) (within sheath of optic nerve)
7 . Superior oblique muscle
8 . Olfactory bulb
9 . Left pointer: Medial rectus muscle Right pointer: Muscular branch of oculomotor nerve (III)
10 . Ethmoidal cells (mucosa abnormally thickened)
11 . Periorbita
12 . Lacrimal nerve
13 . Superior rectus muscle
14 . Lacrimal artery
15 . Lateral rectus muscle
16 . Superior branch of oculomotor nerve (III)
17 . Abducens nerve (VI)
18 . Posterior ciliary artery (long)
19 . Ciliary ganglion
20 . Short ciliary nerves
21 . Branch of oculomotor nerve (III) to inferior oblique muscle
22 . Branch of oculomotor nerve to inferior rectus muscle
23 . Inferior rectus muscle
24 . Infraorbital artery and nerve in infraorbital sulcus
25 . Orbital muscle (muscle of Müller) within Inferior orbital fissure
26 . Maxillary sinus