Dissection of left orbit from a lateral approach


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Dissection of left orbit from a lateral approach
The bony wall of the middle cranial fossa has been removed so that the dura mater (9), which encloses the tip of the temporal lobe, is exposed. The dura has been retracted to reveal the lateral wall of the orbit, from which the bone has been cut. Windows cut in the bone of the anterior cranial fossa expose the dura mater (8) in two locations.
1 . Superior lacrimal gland
2 . Superior tarsus
3 . Zygomaticofrontal suture
4 . Conjunctiva
5 . Inferior oblique muscle
6 . Zygomaticofacial branch of zygomatic nerve
7 . Temporal fossa
8 . Dura mater of anterior cranial fossa
9 . Dura mater indented into middle cranial fossa
10 . Middle meningeal artery
11 . Upper pointer: Periorbita Lower pointer: Cut surface of greater wing of sphenoid at anterior limit of middle cranial fossa
12 . Middle cranial fossa
13 . Zygomaticotemporal branch zygomatic nerve
14 . Maxillary nerve within pterygopalatine fossa
15 . Orbital muscle (Müller's muscle)
16 . Zygomatic branch of deep anterior temporal artery (cut oft)
17 . Infraorbital artery