Arteries of right orbital region of newborn

Lateromedial roentgenogram

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Arteries of right orbital region of newborn
Lateromedial roentgenogram
After thorotrast had been injected into the right common carotid artery the head was section in the midsagittal plane and the brain removed. Near the apex of the orbit numerous muscular and ciliary arteries are visible but the identity of these is difficult to establish except for a few muscular branches which continue as anterior ciliary arteries (5,9). Many of the vessels have been omitted from the drawing.
1 . Superficial temporal artery (in foreground)
2 . Superior wall orbit
3 . Lacrimal artery (along lateral wall of orbit)
4 . Frontal artery (along roof of orbit)
5 . Upper pointer: Arterial branch to medial rectus muscle Lower pointer: Ophthalmic artery (also see 7)
6 . Middle meningeal artery (in foreground)
7 . Ophthalmic artery (within optic canal)
8 . Region of numerous small arterial branches including posterior ciliary arteries (short) and long and muscular branches (these branches are derived from all major branches of the ophthalmic artery but are not included in the drawing)
9 . Arteries to inferior rectus muscle and inferior oblique muscle
10 . Upper pointer: Deep anterior temporal artery Lower pointer: Deep posterior temporal artery
11 . Internal maxillary artery (pterygopalatine portion)
12 . Internal maxillary artery (pterygoid portion)
13 . Transverse facial artery (in foreground)
14 . Supraorbital artery
15 . Frontal artery
16 . Frontal bone (anterior margin)
17 . Anterior ethmoidal artery
18 . Middle palpebral artery
19 . Superior tarsal arch (peripheral arcade, in communication with branch of lacrimal artery laterally)
20 . Superior tarsal arch (marginal arcade, incompletely injected laterally)
21 . Dorsal nasal artery (in background)
22 . Communication between lacrimal artery and transverse facial artery (in foreground)
23 . Palpebral rim
24 . Inferior tarsal arch
25 . Left pointer: Infraorbital margin Right pointer: Anterior margin of fossa of lacrimal sac (in background)
26 . Upper pointer: Infraorbital artery Lower pointer: Superior posterior alveolar artery
27 . Buccal artery