Palpebral arteries

Anterior view of right eyelids

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Palpebral arteries
Anterior view of right eyelids
The margins of the lids, the tarsal plates and the conjunctival sac have been exposed. The orbital roof and levator palpebrae superioris muscle have been cut away and the orbital fat removed.
1 . Superior oblique muscle (tendon removed)
2 . Right pointer: Ophthalmic artery (in depths of dissection) Left pointer: Sclera
3 . Conjunctiva (outer surface)
4 . Upper pointer: Superior tarsal arch (peripheral arcade) Lower pointer: Superior tarsus
5 . Superior tarsal arch (marginal arcade)
6 . Skin of lid margin
7 . Lateral palpebral branch of lacrimal artery
8 . Superior tarsal branch of zygomatico-orbital artery (this vessel has only minute branches communicating with lacrimal artery (7)
9 . Orbital margin (cut across)
10 . Lateral palpebral raphe
11 . Lateral palpebral branch of zygomatico-orbital artery
12 . Inferior tarsal branch of zygomatico-orbital artery
13 . Inferior tarsus
14 . Upper pointer: Palpebral cunjunctiva (outer surface) Lower pointer: Sclera
15 . Orbicularis oculi muscle
16 . Orbital branch of transverse facial artery
17 . Infraorbital margin
18 . Orbital branch of infraorbital artery
19 . Frontal artery
20 . Supraorbital vein
21 . Small artery which enters osseous canal in frontal process of maxilla
22 . Dorsal nasal artery
23 . Upper pointer: Middle palpebral artery (superior) Lower pointer: Medial check ligament
24 . Middle palpebral artery (inferior)
25 . Arterial branch to lacrimal caruncle
26 . Medial palpebral ligament
27 . Area of origin of orbicularis oculi muscle
28 . Arterial branch to lacrimal sac
29 . Inferior tarsal arch (marginal and peripheral arcades are present but not as well defined as in upper eyelid)
30 . Left pointer: Anterior ciliary artery Right pointer: Inferior rectus muscle
31 . Inferior oblique muscle
32 . Angular vein
33 . Angular artery