Floor of cranial cavity

Structures inferior to left middle cranial fossa (continued); maxillary and mandibular nerves

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Floor of cranial cavity
Structures inferior to left middle cranial fossa (continued); maxillary and mandibular nerves
Structures lying within the pterygopalatine, infratemporal and temporal fossae have been dissected. The bone of the lateral wall of the orbit has been cut away but smooth muscle bridging the inferior orbital fissure (8) has been left in situ. The anterior (15) and posterior (17) deep temporal nerves are shown as they pass into the temporal muscle (20). The masseteric nerve (18) passes laterally across the external pterygoid muscle (16) to enter the mandibular notch. An articular branch of this nerve is visible. (18, lower pointer). Other dissections of branches of the mandibular nerve to the muscles of mastication are to be found in 64-7 ff.
1 . Dura mater
2 . Upper pointer: Mucosal lining of sphenoid sinus Lower pointer: Olfactory bulb
3 . Upper pointer: Ophthalmic artery Lower pointer: Optic nerve (II)
4 . Oculomotor nerve (III)
5 . Ophthalmic nerve (VI)
6 . Periorbita
7 . Maxillary nerve passing through foramen rotundum
8 . Upper pointer: Orbital muscle (smooth muscle within inferior orbital fissure) Lower pointer: Inferior part of orbit
9 . Lateral rectus muscle
10 . Zygomatic nerve
11 . Pterygopalatine fossa
12 . Superior posterior alveolar branches superior alveolar nerves
13 . Infraorbital artery
14 . Pterygoid venous plexus (partially removed)
15 . Deep temporal nerve anterior
16 . External pterygoid muscle (superior fascicle)
17 . Deep temporal nerve posterior
18 . Upper pointer: Masseteric nerve Lower pointer: Articular branch of masseteric nerve
19 . Middle meningeal artery (anterior branch)
20 . Temporalis muscle (medial surface)
21 . Upper pointer: Hypophysis (midsagittal section) Lower pointer: Sella turcica (bone removed anteriorly to display sphenoid sinus)
22 . Upper pointer: Abducens nerve (VI) Lower pointer: Internal carotid artery
23 . Major portion of trigeminal nerve (V)
24 . Internal carotid nerve plexus
25 . Semilunar ganglion and minor portion trigeminal nerve
26 . Upper pointer: Sphenoid bone (cut across at junction of body and pterygoid process) Lower pointer: Venous plexus of foramen ovale (bony wall removed)
27 . Major superficial petrosal nerve
28 . Upper pointer: Lesser superficial petrosal nerve Lower pointer: Middle meningeal artery (cut across)
29 . Upper pointer: Facial nerve (VII) (within internal acoustic meatus) Lower pointer: Cochlea
30 . Upper pointer: Vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII) (vestibular part) Lower pointer: Vestibule
31 . Geniculate ganglion facial nerve
32 . Chorda tympani
33 . Semicircular canal lateral
34 . Incus
35 . Tympanic cavity
36 . Upper pointer: Capitulum condyloid process of mandible Lower pointer: Articular disc of mandible (partially cut away)
37 . External acoustic meatus