General orientation views of dissection

Deep facial dissection, left lateral view; internal maxillary artery

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General orientation views of dissection
Deep facial dissection, left lateral view; internal maxillary artery
The bony lateral wall of the orbit has been completely removed except for a narrow bridge at the orbital margin. The dura mater of the anterior (4) the middle (6) cranial fossae is visible through openings cut in the skull. The internal maxillary artery (11) has been exposed by removal of much of the left half of the mandible as well as the temporal and internal pterygoid muscles. Close-up views which illustrate more details of this dissection are to be found as follows
1 . Coronal suture
2 . Superior temporal line
3 . Frontal bone
4 . Dura mater encephali (in anterior cranial fossa)
5 . Superior lacrimal gland
6 . Middle meningeal artery and dura mater encephali (in middle cranial fossa)
7 . Lateral rectus muscle
8 . Zygomatic nerve
9 . Zygomatic bone (partially cut away)
10 . Buccal nerve
11 . Internal maxillary artery (note plexus venosus pterygoideus)
12 . Auriculotemporal nerve
13 . Internal pterygoid muscle (area for insertion on angle of mandible appears as broad crescentic white portion at inferior end of muscle)
14 . Buccinator muscle
15 . Mental nerve (emerging from mental foramen)
16 . Mandible
17 . Anterior belly digastric muscle
18 . Mylohyoid muscle (reflected laterally)
19 . Thyroid cartilage
20 . Parietal bone
21 . Area of origin of temporalis muscle
22 . Middle temporal artery
23 . Occipital bone (squamous part)
24 . Lambdoidal suture and intersutural bone
25 . Upper pointer: Cut end of zygomatic arch Lower pointer: Articular disc for mandible
26 . Upper pointer: External acoustic meatus Lower pointer: Styloid process temporal bone
27 . Mastoid cells (cut open)
28 . Splenius capitis muscle
29 . Facial nerve (VII)
30 . Posterior belly of digastric muscle
31 . Mylohyoid nerve
32 . Lingual nerve (pointer in area of submandibular ganglion)
33 . Common facial vein
34 . Hypoglossal nerve (Xll)
35 . Internal jugular vein
36 . Common carotid artery (pointer at bifurcation)
37 . Anterior scalene muscle