Roentgenogram, occipital bone, internal view

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Roentgenogram, occipital bone, internal view
Numerous channels for diploic veins (4) are visible close to the dense bone which bounds the foramen magnum (8) posteriorly and laterally. These channels are continuous upward into the squamous part of the bone near the midline. Less prominent bilateral channels are present near the mastoid border of the bone.
1 . Squamous part of occipital bone
2 . Lambdoidal margin
3 . Transverse sulcus
4 . Channels within bone for occipital diploic veins
5 . Mastoid margin
6 . Occipital condyle
7 . Basilar part
8 . Foramen magnum
9 . Jugular tubercle
10 . Jugular incisure
11 . Hypoglossal canal