Roentgenogram, right temporal bone, superior view

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Roentgenogram, right temporal bone, superior view
The contours of the bony labyrinth are visible because of the air which fills the labyrinth and contrasts with the surrounding petrous bone.
1 . Petrosal part
2 . Carotid canal (partially beneath cochlea)
3 . Cochlea
4 . Borders of internal acoustic meatus
5 . Common crus semicircular canal
6 . Semicircular canal superior (note ampulla near junction of anterior crus with vestibule)
7 . Crus simplex semicircular canal
8 . Semicircular canal posterior (ampulla is visible at inferior termination of canal in vestibule)
9 . Temporal bone (squamous part)
10 . Tympanic part
11 . Vestibulum
12 . Malleus (faintly visible within middle ear cavity)
13 . Incus (faintly visible)
14 . External acoustic meatus (beneath squama)
15 . Facial canal
16 . Stylomastoid foramen (in background)
17 . Semicircular canal lateral (ampulla difficult to distinguish at anterior termination of canal)
18 . Mastoid process