Serial transverse sections of the brain stem


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Serial transverse sections of the brain stem
This section is 5 mm. above the previous level. The medial lemnisci have now terminated within the ventral posterior lateral nuclei of the thalamus (5). On the left fibers from this nucleus are visible as they pass toward the internal capsule to form the parietal stalk or sensory radiation of the thalamus (5, upper pointer). The capsule of the red nucleus (6) consists largely of fibers which pass from the opposite dentate nucleus of the cerebellum by way of the brachium conjunctivum to the ventral lateral nucleus of the thalamus.
1 . Crura fornices
2 . Posterolateral nucleus of thalamus
3 . Lentiform nucleus
4 . Posterior commissure and pretectal region (lower pointer)
5 . Ventral posterior lateral nucleus and beginning of parietal stalk of thalamus (upper pointer)
6 . Capsule of red nucleus
7 . Optic tract (cut across)
8 . Sublenticular part of internal capsule
9 . Substantia nigra
10 . Interpeduncular fossa
11 . Fibrous area which includes uncinate fasciculus and inferior occipitofrontal fasciculus
12 . Amygdaloid nucleus
13 . Central part lateral ventricle
14 . Caudate nucleus (tail)
15 . Hippocampal commissure (lower pointer) and corpus callosum
16 . Centrum (median) of thalamus
17 . Lateral geniculate body and lateral zone of Wernicke (upper pointer)
18 . Red nucleus
19 . Inferior horn of lateral ventricle
20 . Cerebral peduncle
21 . Oculomotor nerve (III)
22 . Basilar artery
23 . Optic chiasm
24 . Olfactory tract
25 . Temporal pole