Dissection of anterior aspect of vertebral column

Thoracic region.

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Dissection of anterior aspect of vertebral column
Thoracic region.
The left tenth rib has been removed from the specimen with care to preserve the ligaments, joint capsules and articular surfaces of the costovertebral articulations. The view is directed inward from in front and to the left. Other dissections of the costotransverse joint are shown in views 214-4 and 219-1.
1 . Upper pointer: Intercostal nerve IX Lower pointer: Spinal ganglion (lying within intervertebral foramen)
2 . Costotransverse ligament (attached posteriorly to transverse process of vertebrae Th. X)
3 . Azygos vein
4 . Head of rib joint (pointers indicate facets on adjacent vertebral bodies, the cleft between being occupied by the delicate intraarticular ligament)
5 . Radiate ligament
6 . Anterior longitudinal ligament (pointer also indicates body of vertebra Th. X)
7 . Intervertebral disc Th. X - XI
8 . Hemiazygos vein (note small veins draining vertebral bodies at higher levels).
9 . Posterior intercostal vein VIII
10 . Posterior intercostal artery VIII
11 . Sympathetic trunk (cut off, also see 24)
12 . Joint at head of rib IX (intact)
13 . Intercostal nerve VIII
14 . Costal pleura
15 . Rib IX
16 . Superior costotransverse ligament (upper pointer, anterior division; lower pointer, posterior division)
17 . Branch of ninth intercostal nerve to levator costarum muscle
18 . Lateral costotransverse ligament
19 . Levator costarum muscle
20 . Borders of area occupied by tenth rib
21 . Transverse costal facet (covered with articular cartilage)
22 . Innermost intercostal muscle
23 . Intercostal nerve X (cut off)
24 . Left pointer: Sympathetic trunk (cut off, also see 1-1) Right pointer: Ramus communicans
25 . Ganglion of sympathetic trunk