Radiograph of head and neck, left oblique view

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Radiograph of head and neck, left oblique view
The head is turned to the right in this view of a living female subject and as a result the cervical vertebrae lie in various degrees of rotation. The lower vertebrae are more nearly in the anteroposterior position than the upper ones. The respiratory passages and the oral cavity are outlined by their content of air, which produces a dark shadow in the view. Soft tissues are only faintly visible. This film was obtained through the courtesy of Dr. Charles E. Duisenberg.
1 . Coronal suture
2 . Sella turcica
3 . Frontal sinus
4 . Superior wall of orbit (pointer indicates left orbit)
5 . Nasal bone
6 . Sphenoidal sinus (in midline)
7 . Zygomatic bone (margin bordering left temporal fossa indicated by pointer)
8 . Maxillary sinus
9 . Hard palate
10 . Soft palate
11 . Body hyoid bone
12 . Epiglottis (outlined by air in valleculae and in pharynx)
13 . Upper pointer: Pharyngeal cavity Lower pointer: Ventricle of larynx
14 . Trachea
15 . Body of vertebra C. VI
16 . Rib I
17 . Lambdoid suture
18 . Upper pointer: Petrosal part temporal bone Lower pointer: Mastoid cell
19 . Upper pointer: Neck of mandible Lower pointer: Occipital condyle
20 . Posterior arch of atlas
21 . Dens (axis) (crossed by anterior arch of atlas)
22 . Cavity between articular processes of right second and third cervical vertebrae
23 . Intervertebral foramina (for cervical nerves lV and V)
24 . Area of overlapping of articular processes of fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae
25 . Clavicle