Male external genitalia and perineum

Deep perineal fascia

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Male external genitalia and perineum
Deep perineal fascia
The superficial perineal fascia (5) has been reflected more completely from the perineal region to expose the deep perineal fascia (Buck's fascia) which encloses the superficial perineal space. The posterior scrotal vessels and nerves have been exposed on the right side and have now been removed from the left side. The superficial and deep fascial layers of the penis (13, 16) may be seen in relation to the fascia of the scrotum and perineum.
1 . Dartos fascia (enclosing right testis)
2 . Line of incision separating two halves of scrotum
3 . Septum of scrotum
4 . Posterior scrotal vein
5 . Superficial perineal fascia (membranous layer or Colles' fascia)
6 . Posterior scrotal nerves
7 . Bulbospongiosus muscle (faintly visible through deep perineal fascia)
8 . Ischiorectal fossa
9 . Central tendon of perineum
10 . External anal sphincter muscle
11 . Inferior rectal nerve
12 . Ischial tuberosity
13 . Superficial penile fascia
14 . Dartos fascia enclosing left testis
15 . Fatty lobule
16 . Deep (Buck's) fascia of penis (continuous with deep perineal fascia)
17 . Pectineus muscle (cut across)
18 . Femoral vein
19 . Obturator externus muscle
20 . Ischiocavernosus muscle (covered by deep perineal fascia)
21 . Ramus of ischium