Female perineum

Inferior aspect of levator ani muscle

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Female perineum
Inferior aspect of levator ani muscle
The left half of the urogenital diaphragm has been resected to open the anterior recess of the ischiorectal fossa and to display the levator ani muscle. The inferior fascia of the pelvic diaphragm (anal fascia) has been stripped from the levator ani. Portions of the obturator fascia (13) are visible in the deep part of the dissected area.
1 . Labium minus
2 . External urethral opening
3 . Dorsal nerve of clitoris
4 . Vagina
5 . Levator ani muscle (pointer on puborectalis muscle)
6 . Central tendon of perineum
7 . Anus
8 . Anococcygeal ligament
9 . Coccyx
10 . Clitoris
11 . Inferior pubic ramus
12 . Femoral vein (cut across)
13 . Obturator fascia
14 . Obturator externus muscle
15 . Upper pointer: Deep artery of clitoris Lower pointer: Internal pudendal vein
16 . Quadratus femoris muscle
17 . Ischial tuberosity
18 . Inferior rectal nerve (other branches previously removed)
19 . Sacrotuberous ligament (cut across
20 . Levator ani muscle (pointer on pubococcygeus muscle)