Female perineum

Superficial perineal space.

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Female perineum
Superficial perineal space.
The ischiocavernosus (9), bulbospongiosus (10) and superficial transverse perineal muscles (12) have been exposed within the superficial perineal space, or compartment, by the removal of the fascial investment of these muscles shown in the preceding view.
1 . Gracilis muscle
2 . Labia minora
3 . Deep perineal fascia (intact)
4 . Adductor magnus muscle
5 . Ischiorectal fossa (pointer indicates lunate fascia)
6 . Gluteus maximus muscle
7 . Anus
8 . Tendons of insertion of bulbospongiosus muscle and ischiocavernosus muscle blending with suspensory ligament of clitoris
9 . Upper pointer: Crus clitoridis Lower pointer: Ischiocavernosus muscle
10 . Upper pointer: bulbospongiosus muscle Lower pointer: Labium majus (partially cut away)
11 . Posterior labial artery and nerve
12 . Superficial transverse perineal muscle
13 . Levator ani muscle