Female perineum

Female external genitalia; superficial fascia

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Female perineum
Female external genitalia; superficial fascia
The skin and subcutaneous tissue have been removed from both thighs and from the left half of the perineum. The labia have been retracted to expose the vestibule of the vagina.
1 . Anterior labial commissure
2 . Frenulum of clitoris
3 . Gracilis muscle
4 . Vaginal opening (in depth of vestibule of vagina)
5 . Skin overlying right side of perineum
6 . Hymenal caruncle
7 . Posterior labial commissure
8 . Fascia lata
9 . Labium majus
10 . Labium minus
11 . External urethral opening
12 . Superficial perineal fascia (membranous layer or Colles' fascia)
13 . Perineal branch posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
14 . Posterior labial nerve