Articulated male and female pelvic bones, anterior view

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Articulated male and female pelvic bones, anterior view
The more massive male pelvis on the left side of the view is distinguished from that of the female in several respects. It is higher and narrower and exhibits more pronounced surface markings than the female specimen. The angle between the diverging inferior rami of the pubic bones (subpubic angle) is less in the male. The obturator foramina are elongated in comparison with those of the female. Marked differences in the configuration of the superior and inferior pelvic apertures are not clearly visible in this photograph but are shown in subsequent views in this series. The view was made from in front and slightly below the horizontal plane in order to show the subpubic angle and the obturator foramina. The relations in a direct anteroposterior view are visible in the radiograph shown in 155-1.
1 . Ilium
2 . Anterior superior iliac spine
3 . Anterior inferior iliac spine
4 . Acetabulum
5 . Pubic bone
6 . Ischium
7 . Sacrum (pointer on Promontory)
8 . Sacroiliac joint
9 . Linea terminalis
10 . Ischial spine
11 . Obturator foramen
12 . Ischial tuberosity
13 . Inferior pubic ramus