Exploration of liver, gall bladder, pancreas, duodenum and spleen

Dissection of pancreas (continued).

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Exploration of liver, gall bladder, pancreas, duodenum and spleen
Dissection of pancreas (continued).
Some of the blood vessels which were shown in the preceding dissection have been cleared away. The gastroduodenal artery (5) has been retracted to expose the area in which the common bile duct, the pancreatic duct and the accessory pancreatic duct approach and enter the wall of the descending part of the duodenum.
1 . Cystic artery
2 . Cystic duct
3 . Junction of cystic and hepatic ducts to form common bile duct (traceable to duodenum)
4 . Superior part of duodenum (cut across)
5 . Gastroduodenal artery (retracted to the right)
6 . Gallbladder
7 . Lowest of three superior pancreaticoduodenal branches of gastroduodenal artery (in preceding view this branch is indicated by pointer #22)
8 . Arterial arches between pancreaticoduodenal arteries
9 . Accessory pancreatic duct
10 . Point of entry into duodenal wall of common bile duct and pancreatic duct (in this specimen these open separately into duodenum at duodenal papilla)
11 . Descending part of duodenum
12 . Inferior part of duodenum
13 . Uncinate process of pancreas (partially dissected)
14 . Common hepatic duct
15 . Upper pointer: Proper hepatic artery Lower pointer: Portal vein
16 . Splenic artery
17 . Pancreatic duct
18 . Splenic vein
19 . Body of pancreas (intact portion of upper border)
20 . Pancreatic branch of superior mesenteric artery
21 . Junction of main and accessory pancreatic ducts
22 . Superior mesenteric vein
23 . Posterior part of head of pancreas
24 . Superior mesenteric artery