Dissection of stomach

Blood vessels and nerves of lesser curvature of stomach, close-up view

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Dissection of stomach
Blood vessels and nerves of lesser curvature of stomach, close-up view
The omental bursa, that portion of the peritoneal cavity which lies posterior to the lesser omentum and stomach, has been opened by dissection of the lesser omentum. In the drawing, an arrow indicates the position of the epiploic foramen behind the hepatoduodenal ligament and suggests the continuity of the general peritoneal cavity with the omental bursa. The point of the arrow lies in the vestibule of the bursa from where the superior recess extends behind the caudate lobe of the liver. The bursa continues to the left across the body of the pancreas (21) toward the spleen but this part is obscured by the overlying stomach.
1 . Esophagus
2 . Margin of esophageal hiatus
3 . Remnant of lesser omentum lying within fissure of ligamentum venosum
4 . Accessory hepatic artery
5 . Upper pointer: Cut surface of liver Lower pointer: Caudate lobe
6 . Filament of hepatic plexus
7 . Ligamentum teres (of liver)
8 . Upper pointer: Proper hepatic artery Lower pointer: Peritoneum (dissected along right border of hepatoduodenal ligament)
9 . Common bile duct
10 . Upper pointer: Gastroduodenal artery Lower pointer: Supraduodenal artery (branch of hepatic artery in this specimen)
11 . Pylorus
12 . Right gastroepiploic artery
13 . Head of pancreas
14 . Fundus of stomach
15 . Esophageal branches left gastric artery
16 . Margin of dissected gastropancreatic (gastrophrenic) fold which enclosed left gastric artery and related structures
17 . Filament of gastric plexus (note extensive communications with hepatic plexus)
18 . Left gastric artery and vein
19 . Rami left gastric artery (upper pointer, anterior gastric branch; lower pointer, posterior gastric branch)
20 . Body of stomach
21 . Body of pancreas (covered by peritoneum)
22 . Right gastric artery