Dissection of female inguinal region

Inguinal canal (continued).

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Dissection of female inguinal region
Inguinal canal (continued).
The lower abdominal wall has been dissected more completely so that relations of the inguinal canal to other structures of the abdominal wall are evident. The anterior lamina of the rectus sheath has been resected and the rectus muscle has been reflected medially. Lateral to the rectus sheath the transversus abdominis muscle (7) remains intact and short ends of the divided internal oblique (5) are visible. Structures in the inguinal canal remain essentially unchanged from the situation shown in the previous view (137-5)
1 . Sheath of rectus abdominis muscle (posterior layer, semicircular or arcuate line not distinct)
2 . Rectus abdominis muscle (reflected medially)
3 . Inferior epigastric artery
4 . Transversalis fascia
5 . Internal oblique muscle
6 . Lateral crus superficial inguinal ring
7 . Transversus abdominis muscle
8 . Branches of deep circumflex iliac artery
9 . Anterior superior iliac spine
10 . Ilioinguinal nerve
11 . Ligamentum teres (of uterus) (traversing inguinal canal)
12 . Inguinal ligament
13 . Superficial inguinal lymph nodes