Dissection of female inguinal region

Inguinal canal (continued).

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Dissection of female inguinal region
Inguinal canal (continued).
The internal oblique (1) has been cut across near its origin to allow it to be elevated. The round ligament *(11) is exposed in the upper part of the inguinal canal. In this case, the canal is partially covered by the transversus muscle (9).
1 . Internal oblique muscle (cut and elevated)
2 . Aponeurosis External oblique muscle (cut across)
3 . Right rectus abdominis muscle
4 . Ilioinguinal nerve
5 . Pyramidalis muscle
6 . Ligamentum teres (of uterus)
7 . Scarpa's fascia (cut across fascia continues into labium majus)
8 . Left rectus abdominis muscle (pointer indicates lateral border of muscle)
9 . Transversus abdominis muscle (fascia removed)
10 . Transversalis fascia
11 . Upper pointer: Ligamentum teres (of uterus) (covered by fascia) Lower pointer: Cremaster muscle
12 . Femoral sheath (partially obscured by lymph node)
13 . Inguinal ligament
14 . Location of pubic tubercle
15 . Superficial epigastric vein
16 . Fascia lata
17 . Great saphenous vein