Dissection of female inguinal region

Inguinal canal.

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Dissection of female inguinal region
Inguinal canal.
The aponeurosis of the external oblique (4) has been split upward from the superficial inguinal ring in a direction parallel to the inguinal ligament. The underlying internal oblique muscle (5) appears between the reflected edges of the aponeurosis. Fascia has been removed from parts of the internal oblique and from the ilioinguinal nerve (6). Below the inferior border of the internal oblique the cremaster muscle and its associated cremasteric fascia (7) are visible lying in the lower part of the inguinal canal.
1 . Linea alba
2 . Upper pointer: Medial crus superficial inguinal ring Lower pointer: Ligamentum teres (of uterus)
3 . Location of pubic symphysis
4 . Aponeurosis external oblique muscle (divided)
5 . Internal oblique muscle
6 . Ilioinguinal nerve
7 . Upper pointer: Inferior border of internal oblique muscle Lower pointer: Cremasteric fascia (cremaster muscle visible through fascia)
8 . Lateral crus superficial inguinal ring
9 . Superficial inguinal lymph node
10 . External pudendal arteries
11 . Scarpa's fascia
12 . Labium majus