Dissection of thorax from a posterior approach

Thoracic viscera.

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Dissection of thorax from a posterior approach
Thoracic viscera.
The esophageal wall has been dissected in the mid-thoracic region. The area of this close-up view can be determined by reference to the previous view of this specimen. The bronchi and the cut end of the aortic arch can readily be compared in the two views.
1 . Aortic arch (cut off at junction with descending aorta)
2 . Bronchial branch of aorta (cut off)
3 . Recurrent laryngeal nerve left
4 . Left main bronchus
5 . Esophageal veins
6 . Bronchial glands
7 . Fibrous band connecting left main bronchus to pericardium
8 . Vagus nerve left
9 . Pericardium
10 . Bronchial branch of aorta (cut end displaced behind esophagus)
11 . Right main bronchus
12 . Bifurcation of trachea
13 . Esophagus (pointer indicates lumen)
14 . Muscular mucosa of esophagus (note esophageal glands in this layer)
15 . Esophageal branch of bronchial artery
16 . Right vagus nerve
17 . Right pulmonary artery
18 . Esophageal submucosa (note small arteries and veins in this layer)
19 . Muscular coat of esophagus (inner circular layer)
20 . Muscular coat of esophagus (outer longitudinal layer)