Dissection of lungs in situ

Left lung.

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Dissection of lungs in situ
Left lung.
The lower lobe has been dissected to expose the medial basal segmental bronchus (19), the distribution of the pulmonary artery to the anterior area of the lobe and tributaries to the lower left pulmonary vein. The view is directed obliquely upward and medially.
1 . Right pulmonary artery
2 . Right superior pulmonary vein
3 . Left atrium
4 . Tributary to right superior pulmonary vein (inverted into atrium)
5 . Right inferior pulmonary vein
6 . Pericardium
7 . Anterior mediastinal lymph node
8 . Pulmonary trunk
9 . Left pulmonary artery
10 . Left superior pulmonary vein (cut off)
11 . Posterior apical segmental bronchus
12 . Anterior segmental bronchus
13 . Intersegmental lingular veins
14 . Superior lingular bronchus
15 . Inferior lingular bronchus
16 . Basilar part left pulmonary artery
17 . Left lower lobe bronchus
18 . Left, inferior pulmonary vein
19 . Medial basal segmental bronchus