Dissection of lungs in situ

Right lung.

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Dissection of lungs in situ
Right lung.
The five segmental bronchi in the lower lobe (5, 7, 8, 9, 15) have been exposed by the removal of lung parenchyma, smaller bronchi and vessels. The medial basal bronchus (7) has been retracted laterally to expose the posterior basal bronchus (15). The middle lobe bronchus (3) has also been retracted laterally.
1 . Right pulmonary artery (cut off)
2 . Right main bronchus
3 . Bronchus of middle right lobe (retracted laterally)
4 . Right inferior lobe bronchus
5 . Superior segmental bronchus
6 . Interlobar surface lower lobe
7 . Medial basal segmental bronchus
8 . Anterior basal segmental bronchus
9 . Lateral basal segmental bronchus (pointers on lateral and basal branches)
10 . Medial basal segmental bronchus (left pointer, anterior branch; right pointer, medial branch)
11 . Diaphragmatic surface lower lobe
12 . Bronchopulmonary lymph node
13 . Left superior pulmonary vein
14 . Left atrium
15 . Posterior basal segmental bronchus
16 . Left inferior pulmonary vein
17 . Right inferior pulmonary vein (note upper and lower branches into lower lobe)
18 . Pericardium
19 . Inferior vena cava