Detailed dissection of heart

Interior of left ventricle.

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Detailed dissection of heart
Interior of left ventricle.
Most of the interventricular septum has been resected from the specimen shown in the preceding view. The part of the septum which remains runs vertically through the center of the photograph.
1 . Anterior wall of right ventricle (retracted)
2 . Anterior cusp tricuspid valve
3 . Valve of inferior vena cava (viewed through right atrioventricular opening)
4 . Anterior papillary muscle
5 . Chorda tendinea
6 . Septal (medial) cusp of tricuspid valve
7 . Posterior cusp tricuspid valve
8 . Membranous part interventricular septum
9 . Atrioventricular septum
10 . Posterior semilunar cusp (aortic valve)
11 . Upper pointer: Anulus fibrosus (sectioned) Lower pointer: Cut wall of conus arteriosus
12 . Anterior cusp of mitral valve
13 . Muscular part interventricular septum
14 . Chordae tendineae
15 . Anterior papillary muscle
16 . Left ventricle
17 . Chordae tendineae (of posterior cusp of mitral valve)
18 . Posterior papillary muscles