Exploration of the brain from its superior aspect

Lateral and medial geniculate bodies; hippocampal structures

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Exploration of the brain from its superior aspect
Lateral and medial geniculate bodies; hippocampal structures
Close-up view of the preceding step in the dissection. The lateral geniculate body is sectioned horizontally, lamination within the nucleus being visible. The superior quadrigeminal brachium (11), connecting the optic tract to the superior colliculus, appears as an inconspicuous white band along the posterior margin of the cut section. The medial geniculate body is also cut across in a horizontal plane. The course of the inferior quadrigeminal brachium (26) towards this nucleus is partially hidden by its passage beneath the superior quadrigeminal brachium. The H fields in the subthalamic region (21) are not readily demonstrated by gross dissection although the fibrous nature of the area is apparent in the view. (The red nucleus lies immediately beneath this area.)
1 . Putamen
2 . External medullary lamina
3 . Globus pallidus (external division)
4 . Internal medullary Iamina
5 . Globus pallidus (internal division)
6 . Internal capsule (cut across)
7 . Fibers of stratum zonale of thalamus continuing toward temporal lobe
8 . Geniculocalcarine tract
9 . Lateral geniculate body
10 . Medial geniculate body
11 . Superior quadrigeminal brachium
12 . Stria terminalis
13 . Dentate fascia
14 . Fornix (ems) (cut across)
15 . Hippocampus
16 . Internal capsule (note many fibers passing from thalamic region into capsule at this point, comprising part of the frontal stalk of the thalarnus)
17 . Anterior nucleus of thalamus
18 . Mamillothalamic tract (Vicq d'Azyr)
19 . Stria medullaris thalami
20 . Periventricular fibers coursing towards mesencephalon
21 . H field of Forel (subthalamus)
22 . Fasciculus retroflexus
23 . Taenia thalami
24 . Pineal body
25 . Superior colliculus
26 . Inferior quadrigeminal brachium
27 . Limbic lobe (directly inferior to splenium of corpus callosum removed at an earlier phase of the dissection)