Detailed dissection of heart

Coronary vessels, posterior view

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Detailed dissection of heart
Coronary vessels, posterior view
The specimen shown in the previous view has been dissected to demonstrate the distribution of the coronary arteries and cardiac veins on the posteroinferior aspect of the heart.
1 . Fragment of aorta at point of attachment of ligamentum arteriosum
2 . Left pulmonary artery
3 . Left auricle
4 . Left pulmonary veins (superior vein partially hidden)
5 . Left oblique atrial vein
6 . Ventricular branches of circumflex branch of left coronary artery
7 . Great cardiac vein
8 . Coronary sinus (covered by thin layer of muscle continuous with atrial myocardium)
9 . Left ventricle
10 . Right pulmonary artery
11 . Pericardial reflection at margin of oblique sinus
12 . Left atrium
13 . Right pulmonary veins
14 . Atrial branch of left coronary artery
15 . Right atrium
16 . Inferior vena cava
17 . Right coronary artery (in coronary sulcus)
18 . Margin of dissected. area
19 . Right ventricle
20 . Middle cardiac vein (in posterior interventricular sulcus)
21 . Posterior interventricular branch of right coronary artery