Elbow joint

Articular cavity opened, posterior view

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Elbow joint
Articular cavity opened, posterior view
The joint capsule and collateral ligaments have been cut. The radius and ulna have been pulled away from the humerus and flexed.
1 . Upper pointer: Cubital joint capsule (cut) Lower pointer: Synovial fold
2 . Medial epicondyle of humerus
3 . Trochlea of humerus
4 . Ulnar collateral ligament (divided)
5 . Synovial fold
6 . Olecranon
7 . Triceps brachii muscle (insertion)
8 . Olecranon fossa
9 . Lateral epicondyle of humerus
10 . Radial collateral ligament (divided)
11 . Head of humerus
12 . Fovea of head of radius
13 . Coronoid process of ulna
14 . Semilunar notch of ulna