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  • Book
    edited by Dejana Mokranjac, Fabiana Perocchi.
    Digital : Springer2017
    Guide to computational methods for predicting mitochondrial localization / Su Sun and Bianca H. Habermann -- Isolation of functional mitochondria from cultured cells and mouse tissues / Jennifer Wettmarshausen and Fabiana Perocchi -- Isolation of mitochondria from Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Toshiaki Izawa and Ann-Katrin Unger -- Isolation of contact sites between inner and outer mitochondrial membranes / Max Harner -- Isolation of mitochondria-associated membranes (MAM) from mouse brain tissue / Bernadette Schreiner and Maria Ankarcrona -- Label-free quantitative analysis of mitochondrial proteomes using the multienzyme digestion-filter aided sample preparation (MED-FASP) and "Total Protein Approach" / Jacek R. Wiśniewski -- Quantitative analysis of glycerophospholipids in mitochondria by mass spectrometry / Takashi Tatsuta -- Detection of cysteine redox states in mitochondrial proteins in intact mammalian cells / Markus Habich and Jan Riemer -- Chemical crosslinking in intact mitochondria / Rupa Banerjee, Umut Günsel, and Dejana Mokranjac -- Reconstitution of mitochondrial membrane proteins into nanodiscs by cell-free expression / Ketan Malhotra and Nathan N. Alder -- Detection of dual targeting and dual function of mitochondrial proteins in yeast / Reut Ben-Menachem and Ophry Pines -- Localizing mRNAs encoding mitochondrial proteins in yeast by fluorescence microscopy and subcellular fractionation / Dmitry Zabezhinsky, Hannah Sperber, and Jeffrey E. Gerst -- Assessing mitochondrial bioenergetics in isolated mitochondria from various mouse tissues using seahorse XF96 analyzer / Arcangela Iuso, Birgit Repp, Caroline Biagosch, Caterina Terrile, and Holger Prokisch -- Application of FRET-based biosensor "ATeam" for visualization of ATP levels in the mitochondrial matrix of living mammalian cells / Tomoki Yoshida, Soaad Alfaqaan, Norio Sasaoka, and Hiromi Imamura -- Microplate-based bioluminescence assay of mitochondrial calcium uptake / María Teresa Alonso, Paloma Navas-Navarro, and Javier García-Sancho -- New imaging tools to analyze mitochondrial morphology in Caenorhabditis elegans / Saroj G. Regmi and Stéphane G. Rolland -- Single molecule tracking and localization of mitochondrial protein complexes in live cells / Timo Appelhans and Karin Busch -- Analysis of yeast mitochondria by electron microscopy / Ann-Katrin Unger, Stefan Geimer, Max Harner, Walter Neupert, and Benedikt Westermann -- Analysis of mitochondrial membrane protein complexes by electron cryo-tomography / Vicki A.M. Gold, Tobias Brandt, Laetitia Cavellini, Mickael M. Cohen, Raffaele Ieva, and Martin van der Laan -- Assays for Mitophagy in Yeast / Akinori Eiyama and Koji Okamoto -- Assessing Mitochondrial Selective Autophagy in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans / Konstantinos Palikaras and Nektarios Tavernarakis -- Assessing mitochondrial unfolded protein response in mammalian cells / Fiona Durand and Nicholas Hoogenraad -- Analysis of mitochondrial RNA-processing defects in patient-derived tissues by qRT-PCR and RNAseq / Robert Kopajtich, Johannes A. Mayr, and Holger Prokisch -- Identification of disease-causing mutations by functional complementation of patient-derived fibroblast cell lines / Laura S. Kremer and Holger Prokisch.