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    edited by Eusebio Perdiguero, DDW Cornelison.
    Digital : Springer2017
    Muscle stem cells : a model system for adult stem cell biology / DDW Cornelison and Eusebio Perdiguero -- Isolation of muscle stem cells from mouse skeletal muscle / Barbara Gayraud-Morel, Francesca Pala, Hiroshi Sakai, and Shahragim Tajbakhsh -- Primary mouse myoblast purification using magnetic cell separation / Marie Claude Sincennes, Yu Xin Wang, and Michael A. Rudnicki -- Isolation, culture, and immunostaining of skeletal muscle myofibers from WildType and Nestin-GFP mice as a means to analyze satellite cells / Pascal Stuelsatz, Paul Keire, and Zipora Yablonka-Reuveni -- Characterization of drosophila muscle stem cell-like adult muscle precursors / Guillaume Lavergne, Cedric Soler, Monika Zmojdzian, and Krzysztof Jagla -- Using transgenic zebrafish to study muscle stem/progenitor cells / Phong D. Nguyen and Peter D. Currie -- Muscle interstitial cells : a brief field guide to non-satellite cell populations in skeletal muscle / Francesco Saverio Tedesco, Louise A. Moyle, and Eusebio Perdiguero -- Isolation and characterization of vessel-associated stem/progenitor cells from skeletal muscle / Rossana Tonlorenzi, Giuliana Rossi, and Graziella Messina -- Fibro/adipogenic progenitors (FAPs) : Isolation by FACS and culture / Marcela Low, Christine Eisner, and Fabio Rossi -- Single cell gene expression profiling of skeletal muscle-derived cells / Sole Gatto, Pier Lorenzo Puri, and Barbora Malecova -- Engraftment of FACS isolated muscle stem cells into injured skeletal muscle / Matthew Tierney and Alessandra Sacco -- Transplantation of skeletal muscle stem cells / Monica N. Hall, John K. Hall, Adam B. Cadwallader, Bradley T. Pawlikowski, Jason D. Doles, Tiffany L. Elston, and Bradley B. Olwin -- Simultaneous measurement of mitochondrial and glycolytic activity in quiescent muscle stem cells / James G. Ryall -- Monitoring autophagy in muscle stem cells / Laura García-Prat, Pura Muñoz-Cánoves, and Marta Martínez-Vicente -- Mimicking muscle stem cell quiescence in culture : methods for synchronization in reversible arrest / Reety Arora, Mohammed Rumman, Nisha Venugopal, Hardik Gala, and Jyotsna Dhawan -- Methods for observing and quantifying muscle satellite cell motility and invasion in vitro / Dane K. Lund, Patrick McAnulty, Ashley L. Siegel, and DDW Cornelison -- Effects of macrophage conditioned-medium on murine and human muscle cells : analysis of proliferation, differentiation, and fusion / Marielle Saclier, Marine Theret, Rémi Mounier, and Bénédicte Chazaud -- Optimization of stellite cell culture through biomaterials / Sadegh Davoudi and Penney M. Gilbert -- Systematic identification of genes regulating muscle stem cell self-renewal and differentiation / Krishnamoorthy Sreenivasan, Thomas Braun, and Johnny Kim -- Bioinformatics for novel long intergenic noncoding RNA (lincRNA) identification in skeletal muscle cells / Xianlu Peng, Kun Sun, Jiajian Zhou, Hao Sun, and Huating Wang.