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    edited by Marco Fondi.
    Digital : Springer2018
    Reconstructing high-quality large-scale metabolic models with merlin / Oscar Dias, Miguel Rocha, Eugenio Campos Ferreira, and Isabel Rocha -- Analyzing and designing cell factories with OptFlux / Paulo Vilaca, Paulo Maia, Hugo Giesteira, Isabel Rocha, and Miguel Rocha -- MONGOOSE rational arithmetic toolbox / Christopher Le and Leonid Chindelevitch -- FASTCORE family : for the fast reconstruction of compact context-specific metabolic networks models / Maria Pires Pacheco and Thomas Sauter -- Reconstruction and analysis of central metabolism in microbes / Janaka N. Edirisinghe, Jose P. Faria, Nomi L. Harris, Benjamin H. Allen, and Christopher S. Henry -- Using PSAMM for the curation and analysis of genome-scale metabolic models / Keith Dufault-Thompson, Jon Lund Steffensen, and Ying Zhang -- Integration of comparative genomics with genome-scale metabolic modeling to investigate strain-specific phenotypical differences / Jonathan Monk and Emanuele Bosi -- Template-assisted metabolic reconstruction and assembly of hybrid bacterial models / Tiziano Vignolini, Alessio Mengoni, and Marco Fondi -- Integrated host-pathogen metabolic reconstructions / Anu Raghunathan and Neema Jamshidi -- Metabolic model reconstruction and analysis of an artificial microbial ecosystem / Chao Ye, Nan Xu, Xiulai Chen, and Liming Liu -- RNA sequencing and analysis in microorganisms for metabolic network reconstruction / Eva Pinatel and Clelia Peano -- Differential proteomics based on 2D-difference in-gel electrophoresis and tandem mass spectrometry for the elucidation of biological processes in antibiotic-producer bacterial strains / Giuseppe Gallo and Andrea Scaloni -- Techniques for large-scale bacterial genome manipulation and characterization of the mutants with respect to in silico metabolic reconstructions / George C. diCenzo and Turlough M. Finan -- Computational prediction of synthetic lethals in genome-scale metabolic models using fast-SL / Karthik Raman, Aditya Pratapa, Omkar Mohite, and Shankar Balachandran -- Coupling fluxes, enzymes, and regulation in genome-scale metabolic models / Paul A. Jensen -- Dynamic flux balance analysis using DFBAlab / Jose Alberto Gomez and Paul I. Barton -- Designing optimized production hosts by metabolic modeling / Christian Jungreuthmayer, Matthias P. Gerstl, David A. Pena Navarro, Michael Hanscho, David E. Ruckerbauer, and J€urgen Zanghellini -- Optimization of multi-omic genome-scale models : methodologies, hands-on tutorial, and perspectives / Supreeta Vijayakumar, Max Conway, Pietro Li o, and Claudio Angione.