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  • Book
    edited by Gregg G. Gundersen, Howard J. Worman.
    Digital : Springer2018
    EM tomography of meiotic LINC complexes / Marie-Christin Spindler, Frederik Helmprobst, Christian Stigloher, and Ricardo Benavente -- Recombinant purification of the periplasmic portion of the LINC complex / Victor E. Cruz and Thomas U. Schwartz -- Analysis of high molecular weight isoforms of nesprin-1 and nesprin-2 with vertical agarose gel electrophoresis / Chloe Potter and Didier Hodzic -- Analysis of nesprin-2 interaction with its binding partners and actin / Susumu Antoku and Gregg G. Gundersen -- Interactions of nesprin-4-containing LINC complexes in outer hair cells explored by BioID / Brian Burke -- Using nesprin tension sensors to measure force on the LINC complex / Paul T. Arsenovic and Daniel E. Conway -- Analyzing mechanotransduction through the LINC complex in isolated nuclei / Nejma Belaadi, Angélique Millon-Frémillon, Julien Aureille, and Christophe Guilluy -- Direct force probe for nuclear mechanics / Vincent J. Tocco, Srujana Neelam, Qiao Zhang, Richard B. Dickinson, and Tanmay P. Lele -- Centrifugal displacement of nuclei in adherent cells to study LINC complex-dependent mechanisms of homeostatic nuclear positioning / Ruijun Zhu and Gregg G. Gundersen -- Assembly and use of a microfluidic device to study cell migration in confined environments / Jeremy Keys, Aaron Windsor, and Jan Lammerding -- Investigating LINC complex protein homo-oligomerization in the nuclear envelopes of living cells using fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy / Jared Hennen, Isaac Angert, Kwang-Ho Hur, G. W. Gant Luxton, and Joachim D. Mueller -- Functional analysis of the yeast LINC complex using fluctuation spectroscopy and super-resolution imaging / Jay R. Unruh, Brian D. Slaughter, and Sue L. Jaspersen -- Genetic analysis of nuclear migration and anchorage to study LINC complexes during development of Caenorhabditis elegans / Heidi N. Fridolfsson, Leslie A. Herrera, James N. Brandt, Natalie E. Cain, Greg J. Hermann, and Daniel A. Starr -- High-resolution imaging methods to analyze LINC complex function during Drosophila muscle eevelopment / Alexander L. Auld, Mary Ann Collins, Torrey R. Mandigo, and Eric S. Folker -- Computational methods for studying the plant nucleus / Axel Poulet, Xiao Zhou, Kentaro Tamura, Iris Meier, Christophe Tatout, Katja Graumann, and David E. Evans -- Investigation of nuclear periphery protein interactions in plants using the membrane yeast two-hybrid (MbY2H) system / Maxime Voisin, Emmanuel Vanrobays, and Christophe Tatout -- Immunolabeling protocols for studying meiosis in plant mutants defective for nuclear envelope components / Javier Varas and Mónica Pradillo -- Generation and analysis of striated muscle selective LINC complex protein mutant mice / Matthew J. Stroud, Xi Fang, Jennifer Veevers, and Ju Chen -- In vitro system to measure the positioning, stiffness, and rupture of the nucleus in skeletal muscle / William Roman, Mafalda R. Pimentel, and Edgar R. Gomes -- Functional analysis of LINC complexes in the skin / Iakowos Karakesisoglou, Carmen Mross, and Angelika A. Noegel -- Detection of SUN1 splicing variants at the mRNA and protein levels in cancer / Ayaka Matsumoto, Nariaki Matsuura, and Miki Hieda -- Next-generation sequencing and mutational analysis : implications for genes encoding LINC complex proteins / Peter L. Nagy and Howard J. Worman.