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    Malgorzata Kloc, editor.
    1. Exoogenous molecule and organelle delivery in oogenesis -- 2. Control of mammalian oocyte development by interactions with the matenal follicular environment -- 3. Transovarial transmission of symbionts in insects -- 4. Acquisition of oocyte polarity -- 5. The pole (germ) plasm in insect oocytes -- 6. Multiple functions of the DEAD-Box helicase vasa in Drosophila oogenesis -- 7. The role of microtubule motors in mRNA localization and patterning within the Drosophila oocyte -- 8. Phosphoinositides and cell polarity in the Drosophila egg chamber -- 9. RNA localization in the vertebrate oocyte: establishment of oocyte polarity and localized mRNA assemblages -- 10. DNA methyltransferases in mammalian oocytes -- 11. Accumulation of chromatin remodelling enzyme and histone transcripts in bovine oocytes -- 12. Translational regulation in the mammalian oocyte -- 13. Regulation of translationally repressed mRNAs in zebrafish and mouse oocytes -- 14. Switches in dicer activity during oogenesis and early development -- 15. The regulation and function of cohesin and condensin in mammalian oocytes and spermatocytes -- 16. Supply and demand of energy in the oocyte and the role of mitochondria -- 17. Functions of vitellogenin in eggs -- 18. Lipids in insect oocytes: from the storage pathways to their multiple functions -- 19. Parthenogenesis in insects: the centriole renaissance -- 20. The origin and evolution of maternal genes -- 21. Noninheritable maternal factors useful for genetic manipulation in mammals.