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  • Book
    edited by Kyle J. Cetrulo [and others].
    Digital : Wiley2013
    Amniotic fluid stem cells / Sean Vincent Murphy and Anthony Atala -- Cord blood transplants : perinatal stem cells in clinical practice / Richard L. Haspel and Karen K. Ballen -- Hematopoietic stem cell development in the placenta / Katrin E.R. Ericson, Akanksha Chhabra, and Hanna K.A. Mikkolu -- Perinatal mesenchymal stem cell banking for umbilical cord blood transplantation and regenerative medicine / Rouzbeh R. Taghizadeh -- Making organ and stem cell transplantation safer : the role of mesenchymal stem cells / Hans Klingemann -- Wharton's jelly mesenchymal stem cells and immune modulation : regenerative medicine meets tissue repair / Rita Anzalone [and others] -- Immunogenicity versus immunomodulation of perinatal stem cells / Bram Lutton and Raimon Duran-Struuck -- The translational potential of perinatal stem cells in clinical medicine : mesenchymal stem cells / Radbeh Torabi [and others] -- Newborn stem cells : identity, function, and clinical potential / Anthony Park [and others] -- Biomedical potential of human perinatal stem cells / Oleg V. Semenov and Christian Breymann -- Progenitor cell therapy for the treatment of traumatic brain injury / Alex Bryan Olsen [and others] -- The human amniotic membrane : a tissue with multifaceted properties and different potential clinical applications / Maddalena Caruso, Antonietta Silini, and Ornella Parolini -- Advances and possible applications of human amnion for the management of liver disease / Fabio Marongiu [and others] -- Amnion-derived cells for stroke restorative therapy / Naoki Tajiri, Loren E. Glover, and Cesar V. Borlongan -- Pregnancy-acquired fetal progenitors as natural cell therapy / Elke Seppanen, Nicholas M. Fisk, and Kiarash Khosrotehrani -- Perinatal stem cells : an industry perspective / Kyle J. Cetrulo -- Patent protection of stem cell innovations / John R. Wetherell -- Interview with Frances Verter, founder of Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation / Frances Verter and Kyle J. Cetrulo -- Umbilical cord blood banking : an obstetrician's perspective / Jordan H. Perlow.